Birds Migrate

Many birds migrate in order to survive (http://birding.about.com). "They fly away from the adversities of winter to find refuge in regions where conditions are more acceptable. Birds will usually wait until the most favourable weather conditions before setting off on their journey”. When are the conditions right for migration? "The winds must be blowing in the direction that the birds want to go. [...] A strong wind in the right direction will speed the birds on their way.“

Like birds, software needs to migrate in order to survive the potentially harsh business environments encountered in the future. Reengineering and migrating to modern software platforms is an effective way to get maximum value out of legacy systems. ATX's .NET migration tools (Forms2Net, Cobol2Net, Access2Net) represent the strong winds, creating favorable conditions to migrate to .NET - the direction that most companies and organizations are adopting.

Top Benefits of Migrating:

  • Low total-cost-of-ownership.
  • Full scalability, up and out.
  • Increased performance and speed.
  • Increased development capability.
  • Support for mobile devices and other access channels.
  • Expose functionality as Web Services for ease of integration with other systems.
  • Reduced IT and storage costs.
  • Consolidated, enterprise-class environment.
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Office, SharePoint Services, etc.

More Information:

Read the following article from ATX's CEO Luís Andrade, which appears in the current edition of the Microsoft Finance on Windows magazine: