28 Nov 2011

Forms2Java Pages Updated

ATX is pleased to provide more information on its industry-leading Oracle Forms to Java migration suite known as Forms2Java. The new pages provide a lot more information on the migration strategy and code generation approach, plus new information about the Form Builder RAD tool for Eclipse.

Forms2Java is a world-leading suite of tools that assists with the migration of Oracle Forms applications to Java, leveraging Flex for a powerful Rich Internet Application (RIA). Forms2Java is capable of very high conversion rates, minimizing the quantity of manual effort required by developers. The result is a functionally-equivalent application, with simplified coding standards and a maintainable code structure.

Forms2Java is available with or without the Form Explorer tool, an Eclipse plug-in that assists with the rapid generation of new code for the migrated application, or new applications based on the Forms2Java Framework. The Form Explorer enables developers to maximise productivity, by focussing on writing business functionality rather than infrastructural concerns.

For more information, please go to the Forms2Java pages.