04 Oct 2010

ATX is an Official Microsoft Migration Partner

ATX Technologies is officially a Microsoft Migration Partner following the launch of the new SQL Server website . Seeing ATX as a Migration Centre of Excellence, Microsoft has endorsed our migration solutions and strategies.

Organizations today are under tremendous pressure to implement effective cost-control strategies without sacrificing growth, productivity, functionality, or flexibility. Enterprises that currently support multiple data platforms face issues of inconsistency and higher short-term and long-term licensing and service costs. As a database management solution, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 provides everything an organization needs to lower its total-cost-of-ownership, manage all volumes of data from birth to archival, and provide mission-critical functionality and reliability.

In addition to database migration, organizations also need to consider the impact upon the applications that use the database. Such migrations are generally more complex than database migrations and are associated with higher business risks. However, thanks to ATX's solutions, the level of risk is mitigated as migrated applications are functionally-equivalent to the original. Thus, the new application does the same as the old, yet in a much more efficient and user-friendly environment.

Migrate your applications to .NET and your databases to SQL Server to take advantage of lower costs, better productivity and scope for the future.