15 Jul 2013

ATX and Telebig partnership

ATX and Telebig - a growing partnership

28 Nov 2011

Forms2Java Pages Updated

ATX is pleased to provide more information on its industry-leading Oracle Forms to Java migration suite known as Forms2Java. The new pages provide a lot more information on the migration strategy and code generation approach, plus new information about the Form Builder RAD tool for Eclipse.

15 Jul 2011

ATX Brazil Now Open

ATX Technologies is pleased to announce the opening of a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, effective from July 2011, offering all of ATX's products and services whilst providing support to customers in the region.

09 Jun 2011

ATX in Business Collaboration Case Study

The University of Leicester has just published a case study of the business collaboration with ATX Technologies (download).


15 Jul 2013

Increasing activity in Brazil, Spain and North America

New market opportunities abroad.