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Forms2Java Availabilty

Forms2Java is available directly from ATX or through one of its approved partners (listed here). This page contains more information on how you can benefit from Forms2Java.

Technology Licence

For organizations with resources that can be allocated to the migration project, Forms2Java is available on a licence-basis, whereby the technology is support to that organization with training and support from ATX. The organization will themselves perform all migration tasks. Forms2Java is licensed on a per project basis, with the overall licence fee based on the number of modules for conversion.vProject license keys are purchased for the sole conversion of a set of modules of an Oracle Forms and Reports application, which become the licensed modules. These can be either all the application modules or just a subset required to migrate at a given time.

A project license key grants the right to install and use the Forms2Java tools on any machine as long as you convert solely licensed modules. At any time you may convert simultaneously one or more licensed modules included on the licence key. Licence keys will not allow the conversion of modules other than the licensed modules. The price of a licence key is obtained by multiplying the number of licensed modules by the unit price. For example if you wish to convert 50 objects (Forms, plls, menus, Reports) of the original application then the Forms2Java licence cost will be calculated as the multiplication of 50 with the Forms2Java Unit Price.

The licence also covers use of the Forms2Java Framework in the context of the migrated application. However it does not cover the Form Explorer tool. ATX Technologies reserves the right to implement in the future a pricing policy that depends on each module complexity. The Form Explorer and Forms2Java Framework can be licensed outside the scope of a migration, enabling you to develop completely new applications using a Rapid Application Development technique.

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Prices are calculated after an initial assessment exercise. ATX offers very competitive pricing together with one of the most powerful migration solutions available. Prices are generally calculated on a per-project basis, with a unit price based on the number of modules. An additional component for support and training is also provided to ensure the migration team are correctly prepared for the project and ongoing support is provided to ensure smooth progress through to completion.

Value-Added Services

For organizations that do not have enough resources to perform the migration, or those who simply wish to outsource the entire project to another company, ATX is pleased to offer full application migration services along with a number of value-added services:

  • Application Migration Services

    ATX can perform the end-to-end application migration with regression testing, delivering to the client an application ready for acceptance testing. This service offering employs an agile approach, allowing clients to get early access to their future solution. ATX endevour to keep clients as involved with the project as they want to be, from initial reviews to design updates.

    Application Migration Services always start with a technical analysis period in which ATX examine the supplied source code to determine code dependencies, migration roadmap and migration optimization tasks. This is followed by code conversion, code completion, unit testing and regression testing. A warranty is also supplied as standard on the migrated application, starting from the day of acceptance for a period defined with each client.

  • Database Migration Services
    On top of application migration services, ATX can also offer database migration services, principally from Oracle to SQL Server although not limited to these technologies. Typically, an application migration occurs first, followed by acceptance testing before database migration starts. However it is also possible to perform the application and database migration in parallel.
  • Optimization Services
    Incorporated into the Application Migration Services are various measures for optimizing the resulting application. This can include significant code refactoring to facilitate fewer post-backs, cleaner code and user interface tuning.
  • Clone Detection Services
    During the technical analysis period, ATX can perform a clone detection process over the supplied source code, identifying blocks of code that are semantically equivalent and can be removed/refactored in order to provide a cleaner source code base. The problem of clones is particularly prevalent in Oracle Forms, where Developer 2000 often provided free triggers with duplicate code and many developers would often create new functions inside Forms rather than re-using functions from other Forms. See this page for more details.
  • SQL Extraction Services

    One of the design issues with Oracle Forms is that PL/SQL code can include a mixture of business logic and presentation logic. Simply moving a program unit to the database (as a stored procedure) is not immediately possible as and user interface logic requires resolution. ATX has developed a comprehensive process to analyze all Oracle Forms modules and determine the location of all code blocks that are pure business logic and can be move to the database tier. By moving these code blocks, the load on the application server can be significantly reduced and the application performance increased.

    This service has a range of outputs, depending on requirements, from a simple report to full PL/SQL scripts to be run on the database in order to load new stored procedures or database functions. this page for more details.

  • Support and Training Services

    All migration projects are accompanied by training and support services, depending on the size and complexity of the migration project. These range from web training for the smallest projects to onsite training and mentoring for medium and larger projects.

    Training for a migration team is essential so they are best prepared for using Forms2Java tools and performing the migration correctly and efficiently. For example, training covers best practices for Forms2Java, the generated code structure, performing code completion and the functional content of the Forms2Java Framework.

    Even after onsite training and support is completed, ATX will not be far away. We will endevour to support the migration team throughout the project, ensuring that any migration issue is dealt with efficiently and easily. Through experience we recognize that migration projects are more complex than can be seen at the surface, and we are ready to help our customers reach their goal.