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From Oracle Forms to Java:
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From Oracle Forms to J2EE Java and Flex

Forms2Java is a suite of tools from ATX that target the automated migration of Oracle Forms applications to Java. The tools are customized towards each customer's exact requirements, ensuring that the output always meets or exceeds the expectations.

Forms2Java is expected to save around 70% of the effort that would be expended on a manual migration, even reducing the amount of time required for functional testing. For a free assessment, please contact our sales team on

Forms2Java converts Oracle Forms (FMBs), Menus (MMBs) and Libraries (PLLs) to a Java solution in Eclipse, with a new architecture according to the Model-View-Controller pattern.

Different options exist for the View layer. Currently, Forms2Java outputs Adobe Flex for a rich end-user web experience. However, this can be customized towards JSF or any other Java-compatible technology.

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From Oracle Forms 10g to Java and Adobe Flex