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From Oracle Forms to .NET:
Migration Made Easy

Why Forms2Net?

Forms2Net is the only proven solution worldwide for the automated migration of Oracle Forms to Microsoft .NET technology, leaving the only other alternative of rewriting by hand.


Forms2Net automates a significant majority of the migration work. It has been benchmarked in saving on average around 80% of the time compared to a labour-intensive rewrite, where even testing takes longer.


Coupled with reduced effort, Forms2Net-based migrations are generally cheaper than the other alternative.


Manual approaches typically suffer from incorrect or inconsistent interpretation of existing logic and manual rewriting in the new technology. Together with the increased requirement of human intervention and often a lack of understanding of the original application, the probability of errors greatly increases. Forms2Net generates correct and consistent code, ensuring functional equivalence with the original application. In addition, through accurate budget and time estimations, Forms2Net mitigates the business risk of doing the migration.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

The resulting .NET application follows Microsoft .NET recommended best practices in order to minimize maintenance efforts and

Architectural Optimization

Forms2Net generates the new .NET application according to MVC principles, separating business logic from view logic. This enables code reuse, integration and deployment of Web Services., to name but a few benefits.

Database Independent Code

Data access components in the new application are based on ADO.NET, thus facilitating access to multiple databases. At the completion of the migration, the application will maintain interaction with the existing Oracle database. Should the customer wish to migrate to SQL Server, then the SQL Server Migration Assistant is the perfect partner for Forms2Net. The .NET application even has an in-built provider to an SQL Server instance created by SSMA.

New Development Framework

The generated code is well-structured, allowing for future developments to follow the same. Template files are easily generated and developers can make use of the Framework supplied with Forms2Net to ease development of new functionality.