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Project Assessment

Forms2Net Analyzer is a free tool used to determine the complexity of a migration project.

It inspects each of your source Oracle Forms modules and extracts statistical data based on the number of components (e.g. blocks, items, canvases), triggers in use and types of PL/SQL statements used.

The result is a set of zip files containing XML files for each of the input modules. No business logic or data is extracted at this time. The zip files can be emailed to for a free project assessment.


1. Register with by filling out this form:

2. Once registration is complete, download and install the Forms2Net Analyzer

Installation requirements can be found here.

3. Run the Forms2Net Analyzer, ensuring you supply all the modules intended for migration.

For best results, place a copy of all FMB, MMB, PLL, RDF and OLB files inside a temporary folder, e.g. C:\oratmp, and add that folder to the FORMS_PATH registry entry, ensuring the files can be opened successfully. Then, run the Analyzer over the files in that directory.

4. Send the resulting zip files to

5. An ATX account manager will contact you with the results.