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TELEBIG, created in 1983, is a software house, which carries high level competencies and long standing experience in the fields of Migration, Retro-documentation, Re-engineering, Modernization, Renovation and SOA Integration of Legacy systems, and generally in the area of Legacy Life Cycle Management.Since November 2010, TELEBIG Is a reseller of ATX Software: TELEBIG distributes the tools of ATX Forms2Java and Forms2Net to End users / System Integrators in french speaking countries and also realizes tunrkey Migration projects for moving Oracle Forms and Reports portfolios to Open systems.




Formed by professionals of solid educational background and an extensive experience in the management of new technologies. All of this complemented with a wide background in the creation of products, development of specific software and consulting services to important companies related to the subject. DBNeT generates close and long lasting collaboration relationships with its suppliers and allies as a manner of producing greater added value to its clients.




Development and migration of Oracle form applications.



Near Technologies

Near Technologies is positioned in the market as a high value IT service provider offering, to large Spanish companies, developing solutions in new technologies, infrastructure, information security and document management.

Near Technologies works to develop a service culture with its customers especially, but also with its employees, partners and society at large. For this, Near Technologies has a continuous improvement of processes and people, and excellent teamwork in an environment of trust and autonomy.

With 100% Spanish capital, Near Technologies has over 300 employees in Spain and Mexico with a consolidated turnover of over 17 million euros.