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From Oracle Forms to .NET:
Migration Made Easy


Forms2Net is a set of tools that automatically migrate Oracle Forms applications to Microsoft .NET technology.


  • Up to 100% code generation rate
  • Produces database-independent code, ready for database migration to SQL Server
  • Generates code according to MVC principles
  • Generates either C# or VB.NET code, based on .NET recommended best practices
  • Generates a choice of target platform: Windows Forms, WPF Forms or ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Guarantees functional equivalence with the original application

Forms2Net Tools:

Forms2Net Analyzer is a free tool used to determine the complexity of a migration project. It is available to registrants through The Analyzer inspects each of your source Oracle Forms modules and extracts statistical data based on the number of components (e.g. blocks, items, canvases), triggers in use and types of PL/SQL statements used.

Forms2Net Converter is a Visual Studio add-in that converts Forms (FMBs), Menus (MMBs) and Libraries (PLLs) to pure .NET code in a Visual Studio solution. Solutions can be structured in terms of projects and folders according to how the conversion process is defined.

Reports2Net Converter is a Visual Studio add-in that converts Reports (RDFs) to SQL Server Reporting Services, with one project containing converted Reports (as RDL files) and another class library project containing converted PL/SQL code.