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Forms2Net is licensed on a per project basis, with the overall licence fee based on the number of modules for conversion.

Project license keys are purchased for the sole conversion of a set of modules of an Oracle Forms and Reports application, which become the licensed modules. These can be either all the application modules or just a subset required to migrate at a given time.

A project license key grants the right to install and use the Forms2Net tools on any machine as long as you convert solely licensed modules. At any time you may convert simultaneously one or more licensed modules included on the licence key. Licence keys will not allow the conversion of modules other than the licensed modules.

The price of a licence key is obtained by multiplying the number of licensed modules by the unit price. For example if you wish to convert 50 objects (Forms, plls, menus, Reports) of the original application then the Forms2Net licence cost will be calculated as the multiplication of 50 with the Forms2Net Unit Price.

ATX Technologies reserves the right to implement in the future a pricing policy that depends on each module complexity. For detailed information contact our sales team at