ATX is involved in partnership programs with the universities below, which contributes to delivering a world-class service to our customers.


University of Leicester, United Kingdom

ATX had a longstanding partnership with the University of Leicester, United Kingdom. This partnership started in 2002/2003, within the context of European project AGILE, in which both entities participated. Between June 2004 and May 2008, we participated the Leg2Net Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Industry-Academia Partnership, during which two ATX researchers spent 2 years each at the University of Leicester working on techniques supporting the re-engineering of legacy systems and service-oriented architectures. We have also contributed to the planning and delivery of the MSc programmes in Computer Science at the University, and to the development and delivery of professional training courses.

This collaboration went in "cruise mode". ATX and ULEICES  were involved in joint research activities within the SENSORIA IST integrated project. Some of our staff were pursuing PhD studies at the University and we contributed to the delivery of MSc courses in System Re-engineering and Financial Services Information Systems.

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New partnerships are being studied for Europe and Brazil.

The main goal is to maintain the relationship that the company keeps for many years with the academic world providing a valuable source of information and learning and maintaining ATX in the edge of Research and Development further promoting the nature of collaborative work by accessing expertise.